My First Bible

I purchased my 1st Bible after my first semester of college in 1997. A variety of Bibles were given to me throughout the years ranging from different colors, versions, themes, and font size. Those Bibles were used for church services and special occasions, but little attention was given to them outside of those times. It was not until I decided to commit my life to the Lord that my pursuit of a good Bible became a priority. I needed a Bible!

Size, color and weigh of a Bible were low determining factors for me, but content and commentary were vital. I was in search of a Bible that was understandable, would breakdown readings and would show me how to apply the Word of God to my life. This search was not easy! There are thousands of Bibles on the market, but after persistently scouring stores and flipping through Bibles I found my BIBLE! It met all of my qualifications plus more. It made reading and learning about the Word of God interesting and easy. And years later, I still have and use my 1st Bible. Although I have purchased several other Bibles, my 1st Bible is still a prize possession.

If you are in search of a good Bible, do not be discouraged. You can approach your search from two angles. You can go into your search knowing exactly what you want. It can be a Study Bible, Standard Bible, Themed Bible, Parallel Bible, or Commentary Bible. Or, you can approach the search with an exploratory mindset and delve into flipping through Bibles to see which one works for you. There is a Bible out there for you! Stay committed to the task and you will find your Bible.